NASA Responds To Claims That The World Is Going To End Tomorrow

Sadly, tomorrow is the end of the world . I understand, I understand, you’ ve still got things you wish to do. A specialist has actually made the claim and, well, there’ s no going back now. The mystical world Nibiru is going to knock into our world, eliminating all of us.

NASA, nevertheless, is having none of it. They are determined the world is not going to end, stuck in an unfortunate chamber of rejection as they hopelessly aim to fend off the armageddon. They have actually released a brief declaration trying to ease worries, however we understand the reality. We are all doomed.

“ Various individuals are ‘ forecasting ’ that [the] world will end Sept 23 when another world hits Earth, ” NASA stated, blind to the scary end that awaits all of us. “ The world in concern, Niburu, does not exist, so there will be no accident.”


Nibiru, naturally, does exist. The world was found by the Sumerians countless years earlier, and ever since it has actually consistently ruined Earth. It did so in May 2003 and December 2012 , and it will when again end civilization as we understand it on September 23, 2017.

The rogue world, likewise referred to as Planet X, has actually prevented detection since astronomers sanctuary’ t saw it. They have the ability to identify asteroids simply 10s of meters throughout, however sadly they entirely missed out on Nibiru, which determines hundreds or countless kilometers throughout.

“ If Nibiru or Planet X were genuine and movinged towards an encounter with [Earth], astronomers would have been tracking it for a minimum of the previous years, and it would show up by now to the naked eye, ” NASA declared. Yeah. Good shot.

Some other theories recommend tomorrow will bring the Rapture, as followers are blended as much as paradise, and heathens are delegated rot in the world. NASA did not attend to these claims, probably since they were hectic repenting all their sins.

It’ s been an enjoyable run for mankind, however regretfully all good ideas need to end. Tomorrow marks 33 days considering that the American overall solar eclipse, a Biblically substantial number. If that is not proof enough, then you can not be conserved. God assist all of us.

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