People In Denver Want Justice For This Child After Disturbing Photos Suggest Abuse

When Susan Cain published a variety of worrying pictures of her 21-month-old nephew, Natas, on Facebook , individuals were stunned and infuriated by exactly what they saw.

In exactly what she referred to as a last ditch effort to conserve her nephew from being mistreated and to obtain the attention of the Denver County Social Services in Colorado, Cain pleaded with individuals to share the photos. She’s persuaded that since her sibling, Patrick Nigh , who is the kid’s dad, was put behind bars on charges of domestic abuse, Natas’ mom had actually been violent with the little young boy. When you look at all the documents of his injuries, it isn’t really difficult to see why Cain thinks so.

The stunning pictures reveal Natas with a bloody face …

… missing out on teeth …

… and stitches. When, Cain likewise states the fire department discovered him roaming the streets of Denver all by himself.

He even had a cigarette burn on his leg at one point. “Complete disregard. Where he’s being left alone and somebody has to check out it,” stated Cain. “When I saw the cigarette burn, that sufficed. I’m simply tired of seeing all the injuries on the kid.”

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