The ultimate DIY turkey-hunting gun

Sure, you can eliminate turkeys throughout the day with any old shotgun that will hold a good pattern at 30 lawns. Wheres the enjoyable in that?

New loads and chokes specialized for turkey searching have actually enhanced gobbler weapon efficiency by bounds and leaps. As a winter season job, I desired to take a bare-bones scattergun and turn it into a turkey-killing device.

To begin, I went to my regional weapon shop and purchased an utilized Remington 870. Heres exactly what I did to customize it.

THE GUN: Remington 870 Express

I picked the 870 Express due to the fact that its commonly readily available, very dependable, and, crucial, its really simple to customize. Im no gunsmith, so I wished to deal with a shotgun that had basic functions and a restricted quantity of moving parts, plus one that was simple to reassemble and take apart. The 870 is precisely that.

THE STOCK: Blackhawk Knoxx SpecOps Gen III

The very first thing I did was swap out the basic stock for a Knoxx SpecOps Gen III stock by Blackhawk. The Knoxx SpecOps looks cool, and the handgun grip offers much better maneuverability, making it simpler to keep the weapon on target for prolonged time periods. It likewise has 6 adjustable length-of-pull positions, from 12.5 to 15.2 inches.


But the primary advantage of the brand-new stock is that it consumes felt recoil. Its has 2 highlights ­ a spring system developed into the frame and a thick, cellular butt pad that are created to collaborate to soak up the force of the shotgun as it recoils back into the shooter. Blackhawk declares it decreases felt recoil by 80 percent. After blowing through a few boxes of turkey loads, both my shoulder and cheek felt simply great. ($160; )

The set up: Installing a brand-new stock on an 870 is extremely easy. Get rid of the 2 Phillips head screws that hold the butt pad in location. Remove the butt pad and youll discover a hole through the center of the stock with a screw at the bottom that attaches it to the receiver. With an extra-long-shank screwdriver, reverse the stock and this screw will come off. The Knoxx SpecOps features the needed Allen wrenches all you need to do is tighten up one bolt where you eliminated the old screw to secure the base of the stock to the receiver. Move the rest of the stock onto the base, tighten up one more bolt, and youre off to the races.

THE TRIGGER: Timney 870 Trigger Fix

Most 870s have a trigger pull weight of someplace in between 4 and 6 pounds. This is okay at all for shotgunning. There was so much creep in my 870s trigger that I understood I might do much better. I chose up Timney Triggers 870 Fix Kit, which comes with 3 various color-coded sear springs and a sear.

The package isn’t really a real trigger group its simply a bundle to enhance the existing trigger, which is precisely what I was trying to find. Each spring uses a various pull weight: red/heavy/4 lb., white/medium/3 lb., and blue/light/2 pound. I selected the medium white spring and now have a really crisp 3-pound trigger. ($98; )

The set up: Installing the brand-new spring and sear was the most complex task in this job. Youve got to eliminate the trigger group, which is simple enough. Then you should likewise get rid of the provider pivot tube, the provider assembly, and the provider pet fan from the trigger group. Of course, you should put it all back together effectively with the brand-new spring and sear. Timney consists of a respectable set of instructions on ways to do this, however my recommendations is to view about an hours worth of YouTube tutorials prior to you even take the trigger group out. Keep the finest video running as you get begun.


I like red-dot (or reflex) sights on a turkey weapon. Due to the fact that the shooter pulls his head off the weapon simply as hes pulling the trigger, any veteran turkey hunter can inform you that the majority of misses out on happen. A sight forces you to browse the sight image, rather of bring up early and examining the bead. It likewise permits you to shoot properly from uncomfortable positions, where you may not have an ideal weapon install and cheek weld, like when a gobbler slips in from your right and youve got to twist your body and cant the weapon to obtain on him.


With this in mind, I chose Trijicons reflex MRO (Miniature Rifle Optic), which was developed particularly for quick target acquisition from non-standard shooting positions. If you leave the sight on constantly, Trijicon guarantees 5 years of battery life. The lithium battery may last the period of your turkey-hunting profession if you take place to keep in mind to turn it off. Its made from aluminum, so its light (4.1 ounces) and compact. It has 8 brightness settings (2 are night-vision settings), and is water resistant to 30 meters. Is this overkill for a turkey-hunting sight? Hell yes. ($579; )

The set up: I had a regional gunsmith drill and tap the 870s receiver for a Picatinny rail. I got the weapon back a week later on, and it cost me $40.

THE FINISH: Mossy Oak Gun Skin

I put a wrap over the weapon to conceal the scratches and damages made by the previous owner and to assist weatherproof it. Mossy Oaks Gun Skin is cast vinyl, water resistant and ensured not to fade for a minimum of 7 years. Most essential, it looks cool. I simply needed to go with the initial Mossy Oak Bottomlands pattern. Long, laminated wood. ($30; ] (www.mossy

The set up: Wrapping the weapon isn’t really that bad, however it requires time and perseverance. Youll require an X-Acto knife and a blow-dryer. The package includes private pieces for the barrel, stock, forend and receiver. Stick a wrap on its designated weapon part, bewaring to prevent bubbles and wrinkles. Cut away excess product with your knife. Utilize the blow-dryer to heat up the wrap and pull it tight. As you warm the vinyl, it ends up being more versatile and infiltrates groves and around bends. Extract any wrinkles or air pockets (there will be some) with your fingers while using heat.


The last touch was including a Primos Jelly Head.660 choke ($71; ). I shot a range of loads at 10 to 60 backyards and I got the very best patterns from Winchesters Longbeard XR (3-inch, No. Sixes). At 40 lawns, my finest target was 153 pellets in a 10-inch circle. At 50 lawns, I got 97 pellets in the ring, and at 60 backyards I taped 88 as my finest pattern.


With this sort of efficiency, I can morally eliminate gobblers out to 50 lawns, which is as far as Id ever wish to contend a turkey anyhow. The weapon fits me well and its appearances will turn some heads at turkey camp. Shooting through the reflex sight is flat-out enjoyable. The stock lowers felt recoil, so shooting prior to the season and getting called in wont be a lot of a discomfort. Its still an utilized 870 Express the adjustments have not included sophistication however thats a lot more need to like it.

Gobblers are careful.

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